What we do

We partner with U*U women groups and other grassroots nongovernmental organizations to implement locally-based programs. Projects are planned to be culturally sensitive, accessible (financially and physically), flexible, adaptable, transferable, and driven by the women who will benefit. IWC has signed Memoranda of Understanding with the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists (ICUU) and with UU women’s organizations in Romania, India, and Philippines. These agreements foster understanding, communication, and cooperation between the organizations, laying out ways to work together in the service of women worldwide.

Convocations and gatherings are an important part of our work. We grew out of the First International Convocation of U*U Women and Progressive Women of Faith (Houston, TX, USA, 2009).  Convocare means “calling together.”  When we join in convocation, together we find a voice. We believe that convocations are vital in connecting women across the world and building community.

At the heart of our gatherings and convocations is the Global Sisters capacity building process: we meet in small groups to identify issues, set priorities, and develop action plans to address those issues. We believe this process is a fundamental building block to promoting grassroots women’s leadership.