In Solidarity with Ukraine

Updated in July 2022

As member of the Women's Funding Network, the largest network of women’s funds and gender justice funders in the world, IWC has condemned President Putin’s violent, premeditated, and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Please read the joint statement here.

In times of crisis, we come together in solidarity. The International Women’s Convocation has answered the appeal for humanitarian aid for refugees and the internally displaced issued Gondviselés (in English: Providence) Charity Organization of the Hungarian Unitarian Church.

A week after the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, IWC launched a Faithify campaign to supply immediate assistance to families fleeing the war in Ukraine, in partnership with Gondviselés. Given the overwhelming response to the crisis, this campaign was extended, or rather, a second campaign was mounted.


The fundraising effort raised over $90,000 from more than 480 donors, including UU congregations and organizations. Three shipments were sent to Transcarpathia (Southwest Ukraine), consisting of non-perishable food items and equipment for refugee shelters. Medicines and medical supplies were delivered to hospitals in Odessa and Lubashivska. Please read about how Gondviselés responded to the needs of refugees and those internally displaced.

A highlight of the work of the Providence organization has been the launch of a kindergarten class for Ukrainian children at the Unitarian Nursery School in Kolozsvár/Cluj. In June, an elementary class was added, for children aged 6-7. This is a critical age: children are too old for kindergarten, but they cannot really learn how to read and write through online learning alone. The classes, led by two Ukrainian mothers/teachers, cover reading and writing in Ukrainian, math, English, music, physical education, as well as arts and crafts.

Providence currently provides safe shelter for 40 people in church properties and in private accommodations in and around Kolozsvár/Cluj; it also assists with meals, in-kind donations, medical examinations and medicines, job search, counseling, and other administrative support.

As an international organization working for women's empowerment, we hold up the sacrifice, courage, perseverance, and resilience of the millions of women and girls in times of war and conflict, while reaffirming the critical need for women’s participation in conflict prevention and resolution as well as peace and security processes.