seng kynthei covid program

COVID-19 First Training in North East India

By Elgiva Dora Shullai, India

IWC's Faithify crowdfunding effort to provide Covid-relief for Unitarian communities in North East India, in partnership with Seng Kynthei Women’s Wing of North East India, was met with success. The funds raised will provide financial and food aid to the most vulnerable, mental health support, COVID-19 education and prevention, as well as advocacy to reduce coronavirus-related stigmas. In addition, the project will address teenage pregnancy and child marriage, exacerbated by the prolonged government-imposed lockdown.

On 8 January 2021, the Seng Kynthei Women’s Wing of North East India conducted its first awareness program on ‘Prevention of the Spread of Covid-19 in Our Communities,’ following all government Covid-19 protocols and measures in place.


31 people – mostly community leaders, teachers, and health workers – participated. Women from all four Circles, representatives of the cluster churches of the Unitarian Union, attended, including our General Secretary, Rev Darihun Khriam.


Community leaders also attended the inaugural function, encouraging Seng Kynthei in its endeavors. The program was chaired by Seng Kynthei President, Kong Battinora Rani. Four Resource Persons, three from the Government and Dr. Rica Lamar, a member of the Madan Laban Unitarian Church in Shillong, addressed the following topics:


  • Modes of Covid-19 Transmission and Prevention of Infection

  • Mental Health Impact of the Pandemic

  • Prevalence of Stigma and Discrimination against Infected Individuals; Tools for Social and Behavioral Change

  • Prevention of Teenage Pregnancies and Early Marriages in Times of Covid-19

There were also discussions on isolation, quarantine measures, as well as the roles and responsibilities of individuals in their homes and society. It was a fruitful program, and we expect participants to return to their communities and share the knowledge gained.


The attendees will also lead and help organize the upcoming Circle/District level training, with assistance from experts. Our programs will start in February.


 I wish to take this opportunity to thank the IWC and all our supporters for standing by us and supporting us in this campaign. I know we have a long way to go – and must remain very vigilant about our own health and wellness as we work to inform and provide assistance to our communities.