The President’s Column by Rev. Addae Ama Kraba

Rev. Addae Ama Kraba

Rev. Addae Ama Kraba

It is my great honor, privilege, and opportunity to serve as the new president of IWC. As my three-year term begins, I will seek to build on the successes of the organization to further its important mission of empowering women worldwide. As we start implementing IW’s new strategic plan, we will seek your engagement to achieve our organizational goals. Stay tuned for more specific details.

Please join us in honoring and celebrating International Women’s Day in 2019: a comprehensive packet for congregations is available for download/consultation, on our website.

The leadership pilot program in Bolivia is now under way – thank you to all those who donated to IWC’s Faithify campaign in the spring! Please read the exciting report on pages 2-3.

IWC and the UU Women’s Federation have adopted a joint statement in response to the Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court because we believe in a world without patriarchy and toxic masculinity – and we pledge to do our part in dismantling oppressive patriarchal structures and putting an end to a culture of misogyny and rape.

I’m delighted to announce the launch of several violence awareness and prevention programs, in partnerships with national U*U women’s organizations in Transylvania, India, and the Philippines. More information is listed on pages 6-9.

Julie Steinbach reports on the success of a #MeToo-era campaign led by Stanford law professor Michele Dauber, stream speaker at the Third Convocation; Dauber’s new project aims to make violence against women a voting issue in U.S. (page 12). IWC’s workshop at UUA General Assembly in June tackled gender-based violence in U*U congregations and communities (more information on pages 10-11).

UNOSZ, the Unitarian Women’s Association of Romania – in collaboration with IWC – launched a book of prayers and meditations on the 450th anniversary of the Edict of Torda. U*U women from all corners of the world contributed to this special publication, and efforts are being made to make it available outside of Romania.

We are honored to welcome Matilda Kiss from Transylvania, a great addition to our board of directors. A brief biography is listed on page 15.

Given the recent events surrounding the U.S. President’s pick for the Supreme Court and the reports of the violence awareness programs and campaigns in this newsletter, I feel that our work is more valuable than ever. Your continued support for our mission to empower women is greatly appreciated.

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