The Book of Colors and Love:  U*U Women’s Prayers and Meditations for Torda 450 Anniversary

By Gizella Nagy, Vice-President, UNOSZ

UNOSZ Board Preparing for Torda450 Anniversary

UNOSZ Board Preparing for Torda450 Anniversary

In 2017, the board of UNOSZ, the Unitarian Women’s Association of Romania, decided to publish a book of prayers and reflections written by women, dedicated to the 450th anniversary of Unitarianism in Transylvania. This publication by UNOSZ is the first book of prayers and meditations written by women, in UNOSZ’s 108 years of existence.

A call for proposals was announced in Unitarian magazines, and on the IWC webpage and Facebook page. We received a total of 121 prayers and reflections written in Hungarian, and with IWC’s assistance, 32 writings from 16 different countries: all the continents will be represented in the book! A committee worked on grouping the writings by theme, and another examined them in professional terms.

A chapter will be dedicated to prayers; and another to reflections. In these two chapters you will find writings written in the original language, translated into English and Hungarian. The countries represented are Australia, Bolivia, Canada, the Chech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, India, Japan, Kenya, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Switzerland, and United States.

Our intention is to bring the world into the houses of Transylvanian women and offer them a colorful bouquet reflecting the female soul. The vibration of the gentle, pure feminine spirit in these writings imbues its readers’ hearts with love, harmony, and peace. To read the threads of all these women’s souls being woven is an unforgettable experience.

The beauty and sincerity of these works guide me on the path of faith and spirituality. Each is a pearl that we can wear as a jewel: we are what we are, different in terms of culture, education, tradition, and lifestyle, but united with same purpose: to make the world and our lives better and more secure.

The book will be launched on August 18, 2018 at the UNOSZ Annual Meeting in Kolozsvár. We hope to see many of you there!

Here is a little preview – excerpts from two submissions:

Por medio de las aguas que inexorablemente fluyen llegó a mi corazón la libertad de Torda, desde entonces se que mi espíritu como el agua tomará libre forma, libre voz, que como una gota de agua o una lágrima consolara mi existencia y calmará mi sed.

The freedom of Torda inexorably gushes forth, reaching my heart; henceforth, I know that my spirit, like water, will take free form, free voice; like a drop of water or a tear, it will comfort my existence and calm my thirst.

Submitted by Olga Flores Bedregal, Bolivia

Women working together all over the world for a better world for all.
Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi
With your basket and my basket the people will live. 

Te Aroha (Love)
Te Whakpono (Faith)
Te Rangimarie (Peace)
Tatou tatou E (for one and all)
Let it be.

Based on Maori proverbs; submitted by Vivien Allen and Tina Huesing, New Zealand

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