International Women’s Day 2019

Celebrate International Women’s Day by committing to work together with the International Women’s Convocation to provide women with a brighter future a future where women have a voice, are equal participants in power structures and decision-making, and make a difference that benefits whole societies

 Please consult and/or download the International Women’s Day 2019 Packet for Congregations (PDF, 19 pages)iwd2019

March 8 has been designated International Women’s Day by the United Nations –and the day is recognized and celebrated in many countries around the world. The growing international women’s movement, which has been strengthened by four global United Nations women’s conferences, has helped make the commemoration a rallying point to build support for women’s rights and full participation in societies around the world.

This year, women and men have taken part in an avalanche of marches and campaigns for equality and justice. This unprecedented global activism is being fueled by movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp, by worldwide protests against discrimination, sexual harassment, and violence,  and by campaigns for reproductive rights, equal pay, and women’s political representation. In December 2017, “The Silence Breakers” – women who broke their silence and spoke out on sexual assault and harassment – were named TIME magazine’s Person of the Year.

As Unitarian*Universalists, we must cherish this momentum and channel the energy into transformative action. Drawing on the resilience of rural and urban women activists worldwide, it is time for us to stand up and speak out in the face of harassment, discrimination, and the rollback of hard-won rights. Achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls is the unfinished business of our time, and the greatest human rights challenge in our world.

We ask Unitarian Universalist congregations to consider dedicating a Sunday offering or collection to the important work of the International Women’s Convocation near March 8 or in May around Mother’s Day. This packet provides resources for Unitarian Universalist congregations to plan a worship service that honors International Women’s Day and support IWC in its mission to empower women and girls worldwide.

We all have the capacity to change the world. This International Women’s Day or Mother’s Day join us in celebration, action, and transformation!  Please contact us at with any questions or concerns.

Plate collections will benefit IWC’s Global Initiative for Women’s Leadership Fund

Honoring Barbara Kres Beach, the founding president of IWC, the Global Initiative for Women’s Leadership (GIWL) supports programs that provide culturally sensitive leadership training, networking opportunities and resources, as well as build capacity for sustainability and long-term success.

Culturally sensitive development happens when women team up and agree on their priorities. Training programs for the GIWL are built by women who are ready to make equality, empowerment, and community their priority, passion, and action.

Resources and support.  The Global Initiative Leadership Team links in-country participants and facilitators with mentors, resource specialists, and funding match-makers.  The Team—in and outside the country—plans together; identifies resources; activates the project; and finally, takes stock to ensure that goals have been reached.

GIWL focuses on program sustainability, requiring looking beyond short-term goals, toward a long-range vision: building capacities, strengthening women’s community, civil, business, and political participation, and advancing gender equity.


Projects IWC has helped design/direct, co-sponsor or raise funds for include:

  • A micro-loan program in Mutundwe Village, Kampala, Uganda
  • A five-module leadership school for Unitarian women and grants to local empowerment projects in Transylvania
  • A six-module leadership development program in the Khasi and Jaintia Hills, India
  • A violence awareness and prevention program in UU communities in the Philippines
  • A violence awareness and prevention program in Unitarian communities in India
  • A pilot leadership development program in Bolivia
Please consult and/or download the International Women’s Day 2019 Packet for Congregations (PDF, 19 pages)