Join Us for Our Annual Breakfast on June 16!

We invite you to attend the Annual Meeting of the IWC, held on Tuesday, 16 June 2020, on the Zoom online platform (also accessible via phone), for the transaction of the following business:

  • report on the activities of the organization in the past year and plans for the future;
  • appointment of new officers and directors.

On its 10th anniversary, IWC will honor its founding executive director, Laura Nagel, with the Rev. Annie Margaret Barr Award.

Joyce Mohr and Noel Lutomia from Acacia in Kenya will speak about their organization and their efforts to provide care and education to young women in western Kenya.

The meeting will take place at the following times:
7 am Pacific / 8 am Mountain / 9 am Central / 10 am Eastern U.S. and Canada
3 pm United Kingdom
4 pm Central Europe / Most of Western Europe
5 pm Eastern Europe / East Africa
7:30 pm India
10 pm Philippines
12 am Brisbane, Australia

We are asking for a $20 suggested donation to Acacia in Kenya to help AIK respond to some of the urgent challenges facing women and girls in western Kenya:

  • Schools are closed, burdening girls with extra household chores
  • Girls take over the mothers’ roles because most mothers have to leave home for work so that they can get food for the family
  • Girls are more exposed to male predators
  • Girls and women are less able to manage their menstruation (factors include a massive shortage of menstrual hygiene products, limited mobility, stress and anxiety, lack of access to water and sanitation etc.)

IWC is raising funds for Acacia in Kenya to help meet some of these challenges: provide sanitary pads, supply families with tapped buckets and soap, make refill soap, and sensitize girls on how best to prevent teenage pregnancies and early marriages.  So far, we have raised over $1,000. If you have already contributed, THANK YOU! If you haven’t, please consider donating.  Thank you for your support! 

Your Generosity and Support Are Appreciated!

Please mail your check payable to IWC to:
Treasurer, IWC, 7811 S 113th St., Seattle, WA 98178

Or donate via card: