IWD2016International Women’s Day, March 8, 2016

Selection of Materials for Your Congregation

The International Women’s Convocation is the leading UU organization focused on global women’s rights
and empowerment. It is a non-profit organization that grew out of the First International UU Women’s
Convocation (Houston, Texas, February 2009), at which 600 women and men from around the world
gathered to affirm the need to weave global partnerships to enrich women’s lives. In less than five years,
the International Women’s Convocation grew from an idea into a well-established organization. To date,
IWC has initiated and sponsored or co-sponsored many gatherings and projects in Romania, the Philippines,
India, and Uganda. The First Convocation produced inspiration and funding for a micro-finance program in
Uganda. The Second Convocation, held in Transylvania, Romania in October 2012, inspired the creation of
a successful Leadership School for Hungarian women.

More about International Women’s Convocation

• Board members from India, the Philippines, Germany, Romania, and USA;
• An advisory board, “Global Sisters Leadership Council” (members from India, Romania, Bolivia,
Japan, and USA)
• The International Women’s Convocation is a member of the Coalition of UU international
organizations, together with UUPCC, ICUU, UUSC, UUHIP, and UU-UNO;
• Quarterly Newsletter available online at https://www.intlwomensconvo.org/community/news/;
• Presence on social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter);
• Online database of projects in priority areas.

Online Resources for International Women’s Day 2016

  •  Sermon ideas and topics, prayers and invocations
  • Adult and youth education discussion materials
  • Stories of women who benefited from IWC’s programs
  • Ways to connect with projects worldwide
    Please email us at admin@icuuw.com with your questions or go to our website
    www.IntlWomensConvo.org to download the resources.

Proceeds will support International Women’s Convocation’s work internationally:

1. Micro-loan Program in Africa
The International Women’s Convocation, in partnership with the African Rural Schools Foundation
in Kampala, Uganda (founded by The Rev. Dr. Renee Waun, minister of East Suburban UU Church
near Pittsburgh, PA) is providing entrepreneurial training and granting business loans to women in
Mutundwe Village, near Kampala, Uganda. 45 women completed their business training earlier this
year, and there are 10 Lending Circles in operation, meeting three times per month. 37 women and
their families are currently benefiting from micro-loans ranging from $250US to $500US. There is an
increasing waiting list for the next training.
2. Third International Women’s Convocation, Pacific Grove, CA, Feb 2017
In the effort to build a global network of Unitarian*Universalist Women (“weaving global
partnerships to enrich women’s lives”), we will hold our Third International Convocation in Pacific
Grove, California, U. S, in February 2017. This gathering will establish convocation projects through
the Global Sisters process. Donated funds will be needed so that women from around the world can
attend through scholarships and travel stipends.
3. Leadership Development Worldwide
In March 2014, UNOSZ (Unitarian Women’s Association of Romania) and the IWC launched a
Leadership School for Unitarian women in Transylvania, offering complex leadership training to
Unitarian women for the first time in Hungarian Unitarian history. The program’s success was
overwhelming and interest surpassed expectation. Inspired by the Second Convocation and the
success of the Transylvanian Leadership School, women from Seng Kynthei, the Women’s Wing of
the Northeast India Unitarian Union, are launching a leadership training program. Funds are needed
to strengthen our empowerment work in India, as well as to expand IWC’s leadership development
program to include the Philippines.