International Women's Day, March 8, 2015

International Women’s Day, March 8, 2015

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Reproductive Justice Curriculum
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Global Literacy Project

Sermon Topics

Women in Poverty: Tackling the Issue Worldwide.  Dr. Caren Grown, Senior Gender Advisor, USAID, and Economist-In-Residence at American University, Washington, DC.

Where Do We Find the Spirit of Life?  Rev. Tina Geels, Bilthoven, The Netherlands.

The Human-Not-Quite Human.  Rev. Mária Pap, Transylvania, Romania.

Participate in Our Social Justice Webinars

Join us on our international calls with UU women from around the globe to discuss. (Click on link to listen to and view earlier calls that have been recorded):

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International Women's Day
International Women's Convocation

The International Women’s Convocation
invites your support
to celebrate
International Women’s Day
on a Sunday near March 8, 2015

A special plate collection in your congregation for International Women’s Day 2015 can help all of us achieve our dream for women’s equality.

Why do I need the International Women’s Convocation to help achieve this goal?
IWC works directly with U*U women and women’s groups throughout the world.
It is the women themselves who identify their priorities, their needs, and their projects.

How will YOUR congregation benefit from this plate collection?
You will connect with women’s projects and programs in the International Women’s Convocation. The information we send you on a quarterly basis will allow you to establish a close bond with U*U women worldwide. You can make a powerful difference in the lives of our sisters, women or girls, around the globe.

Proceeds will go to support women’s work internationally:

  • Microfinance in Africa
  • Global Sisters initiatives and leadership development worldwide
  • Third International Convocation in USA (Monterey, CA, February 2017)

The plate collection makes your allegiance and collegiality with women real by saying, “Here we stand; we stand with you!” We are not imposing our ideas or our charity. We are accepting the goals of women around the world as our own.

International Women’s Convocation
 5202 Crawford St Unit 19  Houston TX 77004  713-524-5608 