Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision Statement (A statement of Inspirational Future Achievement):

IWC will work through concerted action and in partnerships around the world to achieve tangible advances in the lives of women.

Our Mission Statement (What we do and who we serve- our stakeholders)

The IWC enables women to achieve their human rights, including access to economic opportunities, health care and security, education, and political expression. Our dedicated network of individuals and organizations representing Unitarian Universalists and women and men of progressive faith is taking direct action to improve women’s lives.

Core Values:

We open ourselves to be transformed by this collaborative work, sharing our goals and our stories with one another to understand best practices and stimulate entrepreneurial leadership.

Strategies for Achieving our Goals:

        1. Create communication platforms to connect one another (Central to our work is our website and online communications network.);
        1. Build a database of demonstration projects and lessons learned;
        1. Connect programs and projects needing resources and expertise with the individuals and organizations that can meet those needs;
        1. Develop cooperative strategies with like-minded organizations to create synergies and avoid duplication of efforts.
        1. Provide a network of support for women’s development projects at the local level and across national borders.
        1. Engage in advocacy and education to establish basic human rights for women around the globe.


Learning Community for Best Practices

        • Goal:  IWC will become a learning community focusing on best practices for women’s development.
        • Through our study and development activities, we will serve as an incubator of innovative projects to enhance the lives of women and their families.
        • Our initial incubator projects for women’s livelihood will integrate ideas and capabilities we have developed over the past three years. Beta tests will occur in the Philippines and Uganda.

Future Convocations

        • Goal:  IWC will be a leader in encouraging a schedule of regularly recurring international convocations for women, sponsoring and co-sponsoring as appropriate and as UU women and organizations express an interest in hosting them.
        • Build the leadership committees and infrastructure necessary to host a convocation in the US in 2015 or 2016
        • Establish a process for future face to face convocations and also find ways to bring the content and experience of the convocation to women who cannot travel to attend them.
        • Continue to support the efforts of the Organizing Committee of the SICUUW.

Increase IWC Visibility

        • Goal:  IWC will build visibility and relationships with leaders of the UUA board of trustees, the President’s Council and other UU leaders at the national and international levels.
        • Strategy to get board members and president’s Council to lobby on our behalf.
        • Newsletter will become a magazine and every quarter. Each board member will contribute

*Adopted 4 April 2012